It is another full day and this what we have come to expect from this festival. We kickoff at 9am with Lucy Foley in conversation with C.L. Taylor. So, it is about two girls having a chat but I came away with the notion that a some stage I will read their work. I had no prior knowledge of them and this is what I like to do – hear someone new.

The programme gives them the accolade of “Two of the fastest rising stars in crime fiction go head-to-head to discuss their books, themselves, and anything else that takes their fancy”. Yes they did all do that.

Lucy Foley rocketed to the top of the best seller charts with her astonishing crime debut “The Hunting Party” followed by “The Guest List”. Her new novel, “The Paris Apartment” is described as a classy thriller.

C.L. Taylor is the author of nine psychological thrillers eight of which have been Sunday Times bestsellers. Both will have a different take on the way they unfold their stories and I will look forward to that. So with murders and rapists we add psychology to the writers toolkit of how we can be entertained, tormented and shocked. I think that will be another interesting journey for me.

I always try and write these blogs in the present and on the day. This morning, Monday 25th I am at home in Spain with temperatures that will rise well above 30C. Sunday afternoon In Harrogate was wet and persistent. It was a ‘raincheck’ for me on what an English summer’s day can be like. I even enjoyed it.

I now have to refer to my notes. One of the subjects that does get a regular mention is why women write crime and why do women read crime. I looked around and estimated that the audience split was 20/80 in favour of women. Then the first two hands that shot to ask questions were men.

The conversation revolved around the characters in their books and we did not get a real plot spoiler. Throughout the weekend many things were said of how character are portrayed and even how we can like a perpetrator! Characters move stories and readers alike. They stay in our heads for a long time. Another facet was the combination of the actors on the page because after all they need someone to talk to. And they all have to fit into locations and it was said that writers work hard on being correct.

I enjoyed the chat and they both impressed me a lot. More on both of them later.

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John Edwards

Farm labourer’s son and rural boy from Herefordshire where he was surrounded by beauty and love. Took himself off to London where he worked for 33 years, but the countryside never left him. Rurality came to him again in Cornwall and now in Alicante, Spain. There to appreciate the wildlife. Abhors waste, the indiscriminate use of plastic and its wanton disposal into our oceans. A follower of Raptor Persecution and a desire to eliminate the callous killing of everything to support pheasant and grouse shooting. They kill so much that is a joy for me to see. On a lighter note an avid follower of his home town football team, Hereford FC and Gloucester Rugby.


  1. You have arrived home to a heat wave. It got up to 41C in San Miguel today, I heard. The Writing Festival sounds wonderful. Look forward to hearing more.


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